Oil Palm Buvuma Limited

Bidco Uganda Limited Recognized
As Best Manufacturing Company Of The Year 2022


Visionaries of Uganda last week recognized Bidco Uganda Limited as the Best Manufacturing Company of the year. The Visionaries of Uganda is a private development consultancy firm promoting Uganda Vision 2040 and other initiatives in partnership with Government of Uganda, Private sector and Development Partners through Public Private Partnerships. The Visionaries of Uganda has organized the annual Visionaries of Uganda Awards Ceremony since 2013 and other diplomatic functions. Last week, it recognized Bidco Uganda Limited at the Awards ceremony at Serena Hotel in Kampala for highly contributing to Uganda’s Vision 2040. According to Job Mwesigwa of Visionaries Uganda, Bidco Uganda Limited was recognized for its quality products on the Ugandan market, paying taxes on time, employing thousands of Ugandans, supporting communities through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and, buying palm at very good prices in the island areas, thus contributing to the country’s GDP.


Having listened to moving stories from beneficiaries of Bidco Uganda Limited in the communities (as an employer and partner), looked at its tax-paying record and interacted with consumers of Bidco products, the Advisory Board of Visionaries Uganda agreed that Bidco Uganda Limited is the Best Manufacturing Company in Uganda for the year 2022. Started in October 2005 as an Edible oil & Soap manufacturing plant, BUL has continuously grown over the years to be the home of some of Uganda’s most loved brands across the edible oils & fats, Hygiene and Personal care and most recently Food.

To date, BUL products include: Edible Oils (Fortune Butto, Fortune Gold, Fortune, Golden Fry & Fortune Sunflower Oil); Spices (Fortune Nuunu & Nyama Binzari); Vegetable Fat (Kimbo, Cowboy, Chipo & Chipsy), Detergent (White Star Magic & Blue Breeze); Laundry soap (Blue Magic, White Star, Light Star, Brown soap, Kuku, Brown soap – Star Natural, Bul star and Bul) and bathing soap (White star premium – aloe vera, lemon and menthol) and Food (Spaghetti). Recently, BUL was recognized by the Uganda Revenue Authority – URA as one of the largest taxpayers in the country. As a result, it was put under the category of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) for special treatment.