Our Oil From Our Soil Philosophy


Oil Palm Uganda Limited, a BUL subsidiary based on Kalangala Island, signed an agreement with the Uganda Government to undertake an integrated palm oil project on the island in the year 2002. Kalangala Oil Palm Project was and still is part of the Ugandan Government Vegetable Oil Development Project (VODP) initiative geared towards increasing vegetable oil production in Uganda. The project is supported by IFAD and the World Bank with BUL and Wilmar Plantations playing a major role.

The Farm to Table Philosophy is initiated from the pre-nursery stage. Palm seedlings imported from renowned producers of palm hybrid seeds are placed at the pre-nursery stage. BUL monitors the process rigorously, through to the nursery stage where all practices are in strict conformity with best agricultural practices. BUL's conformity guarantees that procedures such as pruning and the eventual harvesting, lead to fruits with an abundance of oil. This is then moved to the factory where through a series of processes, high quality fats, oils and hygiene products are manufactured.